A mid-sized member of the Corvid family, the Jackdaws are gregarious birds often seen around Turf and South Front. Although initially looking all black, they have a grey head. They feed on almost anything from seeds and berries to carrion and waste food from the bins. They nest in holes in trees with other family members often nesting only a few feet away. A noisy bird with a loud carr-carr call, they are seen at Wellington all the year round.

Jackdaw with mealworms on Turf -12.04.20- Mark Dodd

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The Gadwall is a winter visitor to Swan lake. A medium sized duck with fairly inconspicuous grey markings and plumage, it spends its day dabbling (feeding) on the surface of the lake for vegetation and occasionally turning tail up to reach more tender weeds within the lake.

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Great Spotted Woodpecker

The Greater Spotted Woodpecker is one of two Woodpecker species that we have here at Wellington. The other being the Green Woodpecker. The Greater Spotted Woodpecker can be seen and often heard drumming from the trees as it looks for food in dead branches and also in Springtime can use the drumming to call a mate and establish territory. The Woodpecker nests in holes in trees that it is able to hollow out. It feeds on grubs, bugs and insects and also will take young birds from nests if it gets a chance. It is a fairly common visitor to garden bird feeders on-site as well.

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goldcrest The Goldcrest is surprisingly common at Wellington but rather difficult to spot. Britain’s joint smallest bird, along with the Firecrest, it nests in the

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Sightings of Sparrowhawks are seldom made at Wellington but often the tell-tale sign of a pile of feathers from their unfortunate lunch victim is the only clue they have been and fed, often on the feral pigeon population that live in the towers among the main buildings.

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