Golf Course

The Wellington College golf course is, in terms of wildlife, almost a microcosm of the whole estate. It contains different grasslands, mixed woodlands, heathland, marshy areas, a variety of ponds, and a part of the nature reserve. Its purpose means that it remains relatively quiet for much of the time, and is mostly only disturbed at all on the playing areas. Consequently, there is quite a range of species here.

Peaceful grazing and fresh water make this area popular with deer and waterfowl. Patches of bare ground provide important heat-spots for insects, and the greenkeepers have made a wonderful insect lodge. Not surprisingly, the various ponds support a great number of damselflies and dragonflies and lots of other insects, such as aquatic Small China-mark and Brown China-mark moths. In turn, these insects are food for breeding toads and newts.

Greenkeepers' insect lodge - golf course - 20.05.20 - Kat Dahl
Wellington College golf course - Google Maps aerial view
One of the golf course ponds - 30.04.20 - Kat Dahl