This remarkably distinctive moth resembles a twig from a Silver Birch, one of the caterpillar’s foodplants, and can occasionally been seen resting on twigs by day. The caterpillars also eat a range of other broadleaved trees and can be seen on the ground near trees in late summer or early autumn looking for somewhere suitable to pupate. They make a cocoon-like cell of silk and soil under the ground and emerge as moths the following year in late spring to early summer. They can be seen throughout open wooded areas, such as The Kilometre and Farm Lane.

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Large Red Damselfly

This damselfly is usually the first to be seen in spring, in April or even late March. Males are mostly red, with black tails. Females are also red and black, with varying amounts of black, but always more than the males.

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Common Blue Damselfly

Common Blue Damselflies can be seen throughout the main College grounds, but especially over and around Swan Lake, where they often emerge in their hundreds.

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